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Fit Guide: Cuts, Leg Shapes, Rises and More

Whether you’re just starting your search for the perfect jeans or you found a brand you love and you want to place an order onine with confidence, it’s important to understand some common terms and measurement meanings. Leg shapes, sizes,… Continue Reading →

Washes 101: A Jargon-Free Breakdown of Popular Denim Washes and Distressing Methods

The humble jean has gone through vast transformations since its popularity boomed more than a century ago in the United States. No longer a utilitarian fabric, denim is now a favorite designer textile that is endlessly customizable. Washes are one… Continue Reading →

Textile Insight: What Makes Denim So Special?

It’s durable yet soft, timeless yet trendy, tough yet oh-so chic – premium denim is truly special. But what really makes America’s favorite textile so popular? Denim Transforms History Denim has a long history tied to many parts of the world. The… Continue Reading →

Why Premium Denim?

Not all denim is created equally. Once upon a time denim was manufactured with only sturdiness in mind, and its texture was not important. Today denim is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe, and while still used by laborers… Continue Reading →

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